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Nice. Always such a good read, colorful and lively and meaningful.

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Always wonderful memories.

Because of you, I paid more attention to Rosalind Krauss (who is now 80), and found this most excellent article on her in The New Criterion (written in 1993) by Roger Kimball:

"It is easy to be exasperated with Rosalind Krauss. She is pretentious, obscurantist, and mean-spirited. Enjoying a position of great academic respect, she has, through her writings, teaching, and editorship of October, exercised a large and baneful influence on contemporary writing and thinking about culture."

Your experience with her parallels mine in trying to understand what the hell she's saying...impenetrable language like a solid block of graphite. I wish you had confronted her about your grade. With a tape recorder. Probably would take several decades to decipher it!

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wonderful...one can't always stay in touch but the feelings can remain strong and clear.

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